Learn 2 Fish With Us and NPAA Educate Future Anglers at Westside Elementary

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 Apr 2nd, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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This past Friday, Certified Angler Educator Greg Karch and NPAA Member #138, hosted a fishing seminar to introduce Westside Elementary third graders to the Fishing Basics.  Westside Elementary Is located in Kimberly, Wisconsin. The fishing seminar started out with the third graders asking Greg questions such as how fast is your boat, how big is your motor, what is the largest fish you have caught and why do you take time away from fishing to teach youth about fishing?  Greg answered all the third grader questions.  Next, Greg, kicked off the fishing clinic with his Fishing Basics seminar which educates attendee’s on all the skills needed to fish such as: safety while fishing, fishing combos, casting, fishing presentations, knots, bait fish identification, the environment and the Clean Drain Dry message.  The third graders were so engaged in the fishing clinic, that when Greg asked for volunteers to work with him on skills, almost every hand went up!!!  Thanks to the NPAA each third grader went home with a Future Pro shirt.  The kids were so excited when Greg signed their shirts.  Greg said, “it is important that we help educate and promote the great sport of fishing to future generations!!!”

 To learn more about the following organizations check out their websites Learn 2 Fish With Us at www.learn2fishwithus.com ,  NPAA at www.npaa.net and Future Angler Foundation at www.futureangler.org

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