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 May 2nd, 2006 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Minnetonka, MN – Next up, one of the new “favorites” in the Cabela’s Masters Walleye Circuit season, Henderson Harbor, New York on beautiful Lake Ontario. The last two years that the MWC has moved East with a division, big fish have prevailed at the tournament out of Henderson Harbor. Really big fish. The average weight per fish has been between 7.5 and 7.75 pounds, far and away the biggest fish tournament of the season. Even the Lake Erie tournament last month that shattered four circuit records was just under 5 pound average. Sixty-three teams have registered for the two-day Cabela’s MWC tournament, which will payout out $10,509 for first place; and $30,613 total. “It’s not just that there are some big fish in this fishery” exclaimed Kurt Beckstrom, editor of North American Fisherman magazine and emcee to the event. “It is that there are only big fish. The smallest walleye we’ve seen in two years has been 4 pounds!” Beckstrom will host a television show to be aired on MWC sponsor, Outdoor Life Network, at the tournament. “Big fish, and plenty of them, makes for an amazing television show. We really look forward to putting this event on the air for hundreds of thousands of anglers to see the quality of this amazing fishery.” continued Beckstrom.”One fish can make all the difference in the world at this tournament” shared Kevin Novak. Kevin and his teenage son Zachary, now a senior at Brockport High School in New York, won the tournament in 2005 with only 9 fish. They were nine spectacular fish that weighed in just a little over 67 pounds. The secret to the team’s success was a very “stealthy” approach. “The clean clear water can really make for fish that spook very easily.” offered the elder Novak. “We found a spot on a spot and worked it hard, always mindful of our trolling speed and getting the baits away from the noise of the boat.” “We are very excited to see the numbers up in attendance this year” added Kristine Houtman, Director of the Cabela’s MWC. “The first year, in 2004, we had 32 teams. A twenty percent increase made for 40 teams last year, and this year we are looking at a 57% increase to get to 63 teams. Growing a new geographic region takes time, but we’re very pleased, as are our sponsors, that the numbers are moving in the right direction.” Anglers are competing in the tournament from twelve states or provinces, including Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas and of course..New York.NPAA Anglers are hosting a Youth Fishing Clinic on Thursday, May 18th, for area kids to learn about fishing. Not only will professional anglers share some tips with kids that are already interested in fishing and want to improve their skills, but this clinic is especially for kids that have never been fishing before or don’t know anything about it. All kids are invited to come down and learn. 5th grade and younger are asked to attend with a parent or guardian. 6th grade and older could attend by themselves; although parents are always welcome. Door prizes and some basic fishing gear are shared with the participants. Please come to the town of Henderson Fire Hall at 6pm on Thursday, May 18th. The NPAA Youth Fishing Clinic is free for the public to attend.”We heard the MWC set some new records on Lake Erie in April, but we’re looking forward to the chance to un-seat those records here at Henderson Harbor,” shared the site coordinator for the tournament, Fred Kucik. “We’ve seen plenty of 13 and 14 pounders coming out of here; so we are hoping to break the record of 12.65 pounds, and if we can get a full basket of ten to the tournament scales, even the 82.23 lb. record weight is in jeopardy.”Openings exist in future MWC tournaments. For more information go to www.masterswalleyecircuit.com or call the MWC office at 877-893-7947.

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