Lake of the Woods Tourism Fishing Report 6.25.24

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On the south end…   This week was a great week of walleye fishing on Lake of the Woods.  In addition, saugers, jumbo perch, some monster pike and an occasional crappie in the mix!

There are three fishing techniques being used to score Lake of the Woods gold (walleyes).  First, drifting or slow trolling crawler harnesses.  In a nutshell, using about a 2 ounce weight and a 3-4 foot harness with a spinner, two hooks and a crawler.
A tip for crawler harnesses, hook the dark part or head of the crawler on the front hook.  Try to keep the crawler straight between the two hooks.  Try to leave a few inches of crawler off of your last hook and pinch off the rest.  The walleyes and saugers will still hit it, but you will create more hookups.
The second presentation is a jig and minnow or frozen emerald shiner.  Basically locate fish out on the mud or on structure, anchor up and jig.  If you are amongst fish, they will find you.
The third way walleyes are being caught, and some may be surprised about, is trolling crankbaits.  Some have put on the trolling gear when the walleyes weren’t as cooperative or when the fish are spread out.  Lots of success catching good numbers of walleyes and good sized fish.
Lots of fish out over deep mud or deep structure.  The deep mud is holding a lot of walleyes in 21′ – 27′.  Electronics will help you mark fish.
There is another shallow water bite still taking place anywhere from 5 – 17′.  Much of the shallow bite has to do with feeding opportunities on various minnow spawns, crawfish and hatches.  Not every walleye is targeting the same prey.  Lots of opportunities.  .
Gold, orange, chartreuse, glow and pink, or a combo of these colors, are a great place to start.
Anglers can keep a combined limit of 6 walleyes and saugers.  Up to 4 can be walleyes.  All walleyes 19.5 – 28.0 inches must be released.  One fish over 28 inches may be kept.  The possession limit in MN is one day’s possession.  If you catch a limit, eat some fish and freeze a couple, make sure to count your remaining fish left over for your possession.
On the Rainy River…  With some rain in the area, the river was flowing with a strong current and some debris this past week.  Debris has slowed considerably and water clarity is starting to improve.
Water clarity is important for walleyes, saugers, pike and smallmouth bass.  Sturgeon are much more dialed into scent to find their next meal, consequently, when the sturgeon season opens again on July 1st for the keep season, things should be good.
The fishing happening on the river is focused in areas just out of the current.  Most fish will hang just off, able to grab a passing meal but not having to expend too much energy.  Current can be good as it focuses fish in areas.
Jigging with a minnow is effective when you are on fish.  Otherwise, pulling spinners and trolling crankbaits along shoreline breaks against the current in 6 – 12′ of water is producing a mixed bag of walleyes, saugers, pike, smallmouth bass and an occasional crappie.
Up at the NW Angle…  Fishing for a variety of species has been excellent and is in full summer swing up at the Angle.
For those fishing out of the NW Angle, both the Minnesota and Ontario waters of Lake of the Woods are producing a number of nice walleyes.  Many fish have slid off onto deeper structure.  With that said, there are so many areas of forage on LOW, walleyes will be in numerous spots, some shallow and some deeper, taking advantage of opportunities.  Lots of fish to be had, just go fishing.
Jigging structure has been effective.  When fish are a bit spread out, pulling spinners with crawlers or trolling crankbaits is catching a lot of fish.
In this part of the lake, expect to catch walleyes, saugers, pike, jumbo perch, crappies, pike and smallmouth bass.
Muskie anglers are after it and reporting good numbers, and in true LOW style, some big fish over the 50 inch mark.  Summer patterns are starting to take hold, but fish are holding in a variety of areas still.

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