Barge of a Boat is Beauty in Motion and Performance

 Mar 22nd, 2012 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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 New York Mills, Minn. – One can only imagine what the Canadian fur trade of the 1600’s could have been if Gussy were there moving pelts and making money in a Lund Alaskan. Hudson’s Bay Fur Company would have been named “Gussy’s Goods” and his likeness still minted on the Canadian one dollar bill.

 In reality, Lund Pro Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson is a frontiersman guide who tasks his Alaskan with everything from ferrying trophy bucks upstream to deer camp to holding steady over a school of walleyes in rough waters. The Alaskan, and Gussy, are simply that multitalented. (PS. Gussy’s versatility also has him flinging Rapalas for bass from a Lund Predator on the FLW Tour.)


So sit back and let the trapper and Lund rapper tell you the tale of the Lund Alaskan.

More family-friendly features. Lund quality and craftsmanship. More fish in the livewell. All for a lot less money than you’d expect. Lund boats, built by fisherman for fisherman…and their families too.

Watch the Lund Alaskan VIDEO


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