Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report

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 Aug 1st, 2023 by sworrall 

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On the south end…  Good numbers of walleyes and saugers were caught this week on Lake of the Woods.  Summer patterns are greeting anglers with some good fishing.

Summer patterns in these parts are drifting with spinners and crawlers and trolling crankbaits.  Yes, some are still jigging, some casting lures, but as a rule, harnesses and crankbaits are catching most of the fish.
The open basin of Big Traverse Bay is the home this time of year to thousands of walleyes and saugers.  This huge expanse of mud with an occasional reef is holding a lot of fish.  Find bait, find the walleyes.
The basin bite is in typically 28 – 34 feet of water.  Schools of walleyes are looking for their next meal.  Emerald shiners, tullibees, perch, perch minnows and other small fish are on the menu.  Another popular menu item in the mud are blood worms and other insect larvae hatching from below.
Reefs that pop out of the mud flats are magnets for walleyes and other fish.  Walleyes can be on top at times, on the edges or adjacent to the reefs in the mud.  Good electronics will help you crack the walleye code.
Always remember there are some walleyes roaming the shallows for an easy meal mornings and evenings or when there is easy forage available.
Along with the walleyes and saugers, some big pike, jumbo perch and occasional crappie in the mix.

On the Rainy River…   The morning and evening bite continues to be the best for walleyes.

The goto spots on the river are deeper holes, flats with current sweeping over them, and current breaks.  Covering water by trolling crankbaits and crawler harnesses is a good way to find fish.
Sturgeon season is open and those targeting dinosaurs are catching some nice fish.  They are also reporting a mixed bag eating their offering of crawlers soaking in the river.
Up at the NW Angle…  Another week of good fishing up amongst the islands.
This time of year, covering water by trolling crankbaits and crawler harnesses puts anglers offerings in front of a lot of walleyes and will also catch a mixed bag of fish.  A mixed bag consists of walleyes, saugers, smallmouth bass, pike, jumbo perch, crappies and muskies.
Jig fishing amongst structure never gets old in these parts and some use this technique all year long with good results.
With 14,552 islands in this part of the lake, casting shorelines, bays, and points is effective.  Do a milk run going from spot to spot.  Eventually, you will connect with good fish.
A complete list of reasonable lodging, fishing charters / guides and helpful info about the area at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging.

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