Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report 7/11

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 Jul 11th, 2023 by sworrall 

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On the south end…  Lake of the Woods is producing good numbers of nice walleyes.  Charter captains and guides are definitely on the fish.  Walleyes are constantly adapting to forage, water temps, and current conditions.  Anglers will be rewarded who do the same.

Getting your presentation in front of lots of walleyes, by drifting spinners and trolling crankbaits is producing nice fish.  Speed and presenting your bait where the walleye wants it is key.Hammered gold combined with brighter colors have been good spinner colors on LOW.  When fishing areas with rock, try a bit or orange to imitate crayfish.  Over deep mud, try a glow color by itself or with hammered gold.

For those who like to troll, a #7 shad rap or similar lure is catching nice fish.  Rotate speeds and colors until you dial in the walleye’s preference.  Gold / black and pink UV firetiger have been strong colors this past week.

Jigging continues working well for some anglers who are on a good school of fish or fishing the “spot on the spot” on the structure.

Walleyes are living in various depths depending upon the forage they are targeting.  Anywhere from 12 – 33 feet is holding fish.  Watch your electronics to provide you with signs of bait and fish.

On the Rainy River…   Local walleyes (walleyes that live in the river year round) are being caught jigging, pulling spinners and trolling crankbaits.  The river receives an influx during the spring spawning and fall run when the fish are chasing emerald shiners up the river.

Target the go-to spots until you find the fish.  Deeper holes, current breaks and even flats with some current will hold walleyes.  Remember, using sonar over slight depressions on flats may not pick up the walleyes.  Sometimes it is best to quickly fish those areas.
Sturgeon season is open.  Most targeting deep holes or the edges of deep holes with current.  Use a sturgeon rig with a 3-4 ounce no roll sinker based on the current loaded with nightcrawlers.
Up at the NW Angle…  A great week of summer walleye fishing up at the Angle.  Some anglers are jigging, others are trolling spinners and crankbaits.  The key, move around until you find active fish.  There are plenty of fish to be had and good fishing reports are the norm.

In addition to walleyes, anglers are casting bays, points and weed patches for smallmouth bass and pike.

Muskie anglers are reporting good activity.

A complete list of lodging, fishing charters / guides and helpful info about the area at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging.  

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