Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report 10/16/23

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 Oct 16th, 2023 by sworrall 

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On the south end…   The waters are getting cooler and the jig bite is picking up.  Some great walleye reports this past week from across the lake.  Most are focused on walleyes, but the pike, smallmouth bass, jumbo perch and crappies are showing up nicely also.

There are two main techniques catching walleyes.  Trolling crankbaits and jigging with an emerald shiner are doing very well.
Trolling lead core line with crankbaits in 24′ -28′ has been productive.  Walleyes are hitting both minnow and shad style crankbaits.  Rotate crankbaits with size, color, noise and trolling speed to get fish dialed in.
Vertical jigging over the side of the boat, either anchored or spot locked, has been doing well.  Jig colors of gold, pink, orange, glow white and red or a combo of those colors have been consistent.
Various good reports along the south shore which is setting up nicely for early ice fishing season in early to mid December.
On the Rainy River…   Shiners continue to run in the Rainy River.  Millions of these shiny silver fish continue making their way into the river with walleyes slowly making their way in as well.
Fishing reports have been mixed.  Some anglers are getting nice limits of walleyes while others are reporting a lot of small fish with some eaters mixed in.  Most are catching a mixed bag including pike, smallmouth bass and crappies.
Two methods are catching most of the walleyes.  Trolling crankbaits with lead core line or 3 way rigs to cover water and jigging when fish are more concentrated or swimming through.  Good reports in 16 – 24 feet of water.
Up at the NW Angle…  Walleye fishing up at the Angle continues to be very good on both sides of the border.
Walleyes are being caught on points, reefs, flats and neck down areas with current in 17 – 22 feet.  They are being caught jigging primarily, but those casting or trolling crankbaits are doing well too.
The colder water has the pike, smallmouth bass, jumbo perch, crappies and muskies all fired up as well.   Ice is just around the corner!
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