Gamakatsu(R) Spin Bait Hook For Walleye Anglers

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 Feb 17th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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Tacoma, Washington (February 17, 2021) – Walleye anglers across the Midwest have become dependent upon the spin style hooks for walleye rigs. This deadly and extremely effective style of fishing was founded in South Dakota decades ago and has since evolved into a top tournament winning strategy across the Midwest.

Freshwater Hall of Fame Angler and Walleye Tournament Pro Ted Takasaki says, “Every walleye angler, no matter your experience level, should be using these hooks all season and on any body of water. These new Spin Bait hooks can be rigged behind spinner blades, prop blades or used alone with just a simple bead in front of them. It’s probably the most effective and simple way to catch walleye all season long”.

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Gamakatsu’s Spin Bait hook has taken years of development to perfect this style of hook. They’ve made the perfect adjustments to make the new Spin Bait hook the deadliest on the market. Its unique bend allows for the hook to spin at slow speeds, which comes into play for when anglers are up against a cold front, high fishing pressure, or walleye are just doing what walleye do best and become finicky. The reduced resistance provided by the Nano Smooth Coat finish means the Spin Bait hook penetrates faster and surer, hooking the lightest biters. Gamakatsu has added one of its own swivels that is independent of the hook, giving this hook more freedom to spin while reducing line twist.

They didn’t stop there! The Spin Bait hook has an added bait keeper for holding those live and plastic baits on more securely. It’s forged for strength and comes in a variety of sizes 4, 2, 1, 1/0 to meet the walleye anglers’ needs.

Spin Bait Hook Features:

● Unique bend combined with a swivel allows hook to spin at slow speeds
● Bait keeper on shaft securely holds live and plastic baits
● Nano Smooth Coat finish allows hook to penetrate faster
● Size: 4, 2, 1, 1/0
● Color: Nano Smooth Coat
● Qty/Pack: 4


For more information, visit www.gamakatsu.com

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