Fin-tech Fishing Team / NPAA members excel at the inaugural AIM Pro Walleye Series event out of Bay City Michigan!!

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 Jun 7th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Jigs dominated the inaugural AIM event at Saginaw Bay Michigan. Four Fin-Tech Anglers made the Top Ten using Fin-tech Nuckle Ball Jigs and credit them for their success.  Gary Parsons finished in second place, John Kolinski fourth, Chase Parsons eighth, and Keith Kavajecz tenth.  Several other Fin-tech anglers made the Top 23 cut for day three; Dave Van Oss 17th, Jim Carroll 19th and Richard Boggs 22nd. Dan Plautz also had a good showing finishing 35th.

The Fin-tech Nuckle Ball Jig was a real key helping me place second.  The design of the jig makes it inherently easy to fish.  Jigging is a real art and the Nuckle Ball makes it that much easier for beginners to be successful.  I had my co-anglers use the Nuckle Ball and they caught several of the key fish to help me to my 2nd place finish, said Gary Parsons. The Nuckle Ball Jig is specifically designed to hold plastics and teamed up with Berkeley Alive Gulp makes it a deadly combination.

The Nuckle Ball Jig’s 100% open gap absolutely guarantees more hook-ups and that means more fish in the boat.  I know the Nuckle Ball gave me more fish at the Saginaw event that resulted in my tenth place finish quoted Keith Kavajecz.

“Fin-tech Nuckle Ball Jigs were a huge key in my eighth place finish in the AIM Saginaw Bay Tournament.  The water where I was fishing was pretty stained, so I used a few of the “Day-Brite” colors to make it easier for the fish to find.  With their “stand up” style, these jigs caught me more fish and got me less snags – period!” said Chase Parsons.

At Fin-tech we are very proud of the results our team put together at the inaugural AIM event.  They showed their years of experience using Nuckle Ball Jigs in an event that is always dominated by the trollers, said John Butts National Marketing Director Fin-tech Fishing Tackle.

Fin-tech Fishing Tackle is a cutting edge company manufacturing an extensive line of Rigs and Jigs for walleye, bass, red fish and pike.  Fin-tech is committed to bringing only the finest, most innovative  products to the marketplace.  Fin-tech offices are located in Ellsworth, WI and Calgary, AB Canada.

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