AIM Akaska Day Two Underway

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 Aug 13th, 2010 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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AIM Akaska Day Two Underway
A spectacular storm rolled through Akaska last night as a cold front worked through the area, causing civil defense alerts and blowing anything not strapped down around. The temps this morning are in the 60’s, as a few scattered thunderstorms move through. Winds are to be NNW today, 10 to 20.

Doc Samson, headed out in third place this morning, told AIM interviewers today that he felt the weather would not bother the fish he’s working at all.

Day One leader Jesse Buechel was looking forward to the day and was confident in his bite holding. No word on what either Pro is doing, but Doc said he feels Jesse is going to be tough to catch. Yesterday, Buechel was lifting 20″ fish into the boat with no net by 10AM, after CRRing enough at that time to take the early lead.

AIM interviews and images will be available for viewing this morning; be sure to check them out. The live weigh in will begin at 4PM this afternoon. Tune in!

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