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New York Mills, Minn. (April 29, 2011) – When significant, organized competitive fishing events launched three decades ago, Mr. Walleye, Gary Roach, and other soon-to-be heroes instantly began dominating the game in Lund Boats. Recognizing the value of the feedback and intel from hard-fishing tournament competitors, Lund factory personnel were on the scene, too, gathering the data. Lund Legends such as Gary Roach, Al Lindner and Bob Propst Sr. offered keen ideas and design enhancements during said tournaments that have since spelled millions of walleyes for thousands of happy Lund owners.

Gary Roach

Even in those early barnstorming years, it quickly became evident that the top anglers in the game were running Lund Boats. That hasn’t changed. Nor has Lund’s commitment to supporting topflight tourney circuits such as the AIM Pro Walleye trail. Demonstrating further foresight, Lund has also long been associated with elite regional circuits and events, such as the Kenora Bass International, Nipawin Vanity Cup and Michigan Walleye Tour and Illinois Walleye Trails.

Recently, Lund announced that in addition to their healthy contingency rewards on the AIM Circuit, they will also put up bonuses for select circuits across North America. At each event or circuit, Lund has infused the pot with $2,500 contingency awards. Simply fish the entire event or circuit in a Lund Boat-a reward in itself-and win the event or the circuit’s “Angler of the Year” title and you cash another check. Each win rings up an additional $2,500 payday. Lund supported events for 2011 include:

•             Nipawin Vanity Cup Walleye Tournament – $2,500 for 1st place finish

•             Shaw Dryden Walleye Masters -$2,500 for 1st place finish

•             Kenora Bass International (KBI) – $2,500 for 1st place finish

•             Michigan Walleye Tour – $2,500 for Year-End Points Leader

•             Illinois Walleye Trail – $2,500 for Year-End Points Leader

•             Fargo-Morehead (FM) Walleyes Unlimited- $2,500 for Year-End Points Leader

“We’ve long been dedicated to supporting not only our network of local Lund dealers, but also top local grassroots fishing events,” says Ryan Sproule, Lund Special Events and Pro-Staff Coordinator. “These key tournaments are really representative of Lund’s appreciation for local and regional competitions, as well as the local dealers who also do a lot of the one-on-one education about the authentic advantages of running a Lund.”

Sproule reaffirms Lund’s commitment to building genuine fishing boats, rather than boats with a generic “fishing” label: “We work closely with tournament directors and competitive anglers to make sure we’re absorbing every piece of their valuable feedback. It’s the only way we know how to build fishing boats; in a sense, we’re giving these professional anglers the opportunity to build their own ideal Lund Boat. And we’re proud, as well as grateful, for these longstanding relationships. It’s why we’re happy to offer continued tournament support via sponsorships and bonuses.

“In the end, the real winners are the weekend anglers and families who purchase a new Lund.”

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To view full list of Lund sponsored fishing events, go to http://lundboats.com/images/content/community/events/pdfs/2011-Lund-Tournaments.pdf.

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