Salmon Cake Recipes

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With Lent (and spring) around the corner, you might be on the hunt for lighter fish dishes.

The nice thing about salmon cakes is that you can make as many as you’d like and freeze them for later, and you can serve them with whatever you please, from rice or pilaf to pasta or a simple salad. Dietitian Ellie Krieger likes to serve her salmon cakes on a bun and call them a burger, but April Anderson, author of “Gourmet Cooking for One or Two: Incredible Meals That Are Small in Size but Big on Flavor,” suggests serving salmon cakes with a garlic dill sauce on a bed of lettuce. No matter how you serve them, a squeeze of lemon juice will bring a much-needed dose of acid to the final meal.

Also, heed Anderson’s advice about using fresh breadcrumbs, which will hold the cakes together while still keeping them from being too dense. If you use Krieger’s food processor technique, make sure you don’t over pulse the mixture or else it will turn into a paste.

Salmon Cakes With Garlic Dill Sauce

There are crab cakes and then there are salmon cakes, which are crab cake’s richer, more satisfying cousin. You can’t beat the flavor of fresh dill with salmon, but fresh parsley or basil will work well, too. To make things even easier, ask the person at the fish counter to remove the salmon skin for you when you buy it; otherwise, a sharp knife makes easy work of it at home. Note: Fresh breadcrumbs make all the difference here, so don’t use store-bought breadcrumbs. A single slice of stale or toasted country white bread with the crusts removed is large enough to yield the amount of breadcrumbs needed. You can pulse the bread in a food processor or just use your knife to chop into crumbs approximately 1/8 inch in size.

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