Drano Lake (Columbia River) Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing

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Drano Lake (Columbia River) Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing

Angler West TV
Published on May 30, 2019
Learn detailed techniques that helped land a triple hookup in this unique fishery. Guide, Chris Turvey shares how he uses Brad’s Cut Plug Super Baits & Mack’s Smile Blade prawn rigs to find success.

Brad’s Cut Plug Super Baits: http://www.anglerwesttv.com/cutplugsu…
Mack’s Smile Blades: http://www.anglerwesttv.com/smileblad…
Mack’s Beads: http://www.anglerwesttv.com/smileblad…
Pro-Cure: http://www.anglerwesttv.com/pro-cure….
Washington Coon Shrimp: http://www.anglerwesttv.com/bait.aspx
P-Line SS Leader: http://www.anglerwesttv.com/ssleader….
GoFish Cam: http://www.anglerwesttv.com/gofishcam…
Spin Dr. Flashers: http://www.anglerwesttv.com/spindocto…

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