Gamakatsu® Spiral Z Spins Up Winning Days on the Water

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 6 months ago by Keith Worrall 

Modified Mar 22nd, 2022 at 5:02 PM

Tacoma, Washington (March 22, 2022) – Gamakatsu®, the longtime leader in hooks for everything from bluegills to blue marlin, has expanded its footprint beyond hooks and related terminal tackle. Gamakatsu introduces the Spiral Z, a beaded attractor that’ll call trout and salmon from a distance while also doing double duty with other species.

If the fish on the local lake or river have grown weary of the same old spinning lures, the Spiral Z offers up a new package with a distinct look, vibration and sound appeal. It is built around a stainless-steel wire with colored beads in a variety of colors for attraction and a ball-bearing line swivel to eliminate line twist. Anglers can add their favorite hook to the end, and it’s infinitely customizable to match local forage. The Spiral Z can also be used as an attractor by rigging it any distance in front of a favorite lure.

Unlike a traditional spinner where the blade rotates on a clevis, with the Spiral Z, the entire package rotates, creating an undulating lifelike meal for gamefish of every species. Traditional dodgers and flashers will get left in the dust. Pick the combination of size and color that fits the local baitfish and water color, add the lure or hook of choice to complete the profile, and anglers can spin their way to bigger catches than ever before.

Spiral Z Features:

Can be used as an attractor or a lure
Ball-bearing swivel to prevent line twist
Unique rotating action to attract a wide variety of fish species
Size: 2 inch and 2 ¾ inch
Colors: Red, Pink, Orange, Chartreuse, Nickel, Gold
Qty/Pkg: 1


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