Gamakatsu® DuraScent Salmon Eggs: As Good As the Real Thing

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 Jul 8th, 2021 by sworrall 

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Tacoma, Washington (July 8, 2021) – Gamakatsu® takes their innovations into the saltwater soft bait market with the introduction of DuraScent baits. Whatever saltwater species anglers are chasing, there’s a DuraScent offering tailor-made for that purpose, with built-in features that outfish and outlast the competition.

DuraScent Salmon Eggs are so incredibly natural-looking that they’re as good as the real thing. In fact, because of their exceptional durability and versatility, they may be better than the real thing. Whether fish are feeding by sight or scent, and whether anglers thread one egg on a hook or tie them in a cluster, the shrimp-infused extreme scent of these replicas will fool a wide variety of species into striking. Buoyant material that floats creates a natural look and feel that’s deadly on steelhead, trout, salmon, panfish and just about any other species, versatile in both freshwater and saltwater. Anglers can tie several together using a series of overhand knots to adjust the amount of bait presented. Because of their incredible ability to stretch to over six times their length, anglers will spend less time rigging baits and more time reeling in fish.

DuraScent Salmon Egg Features:

Infused with all-natural blend of fish attracting shrimp scent
Extremely durable, lasts longer than traditional soft plastics
Super-soft elastomer stretches to over six times its length
Buoyant material floats providing life-like presentation
Non-toxic formula free of plastisol and phthalates
Scent can be “refreshed” by giving them a good stretch
Size: 7mm (diameter of each egg)
Scent: Shrimp
Colors: Red, Creamsicle, Cerise, Pearl Pink, Pink Sheen
Qty/Pkg: 5 strands per package, 10 individual eggs per strand


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