Muskie Max – Three Rivers Muskies Inc. Interview

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 Mar 11th, 2020 by Keith Worrall  105

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Muskie Max – Three Rivers Muskies Inc. Interview

Fishing PA with Ryan Read

Had the pleasure of talking with Joel and Charlie from our Three Rivers Muskies Inc. chapter at Muskie Max this weekend. I apologize for the audio quality, it was nearly impossible to hear with the foot traffic and speaker directly behind the booth. Three Rivers has some upcoming tournaments and events that are really fun to be apart of and you can always help with the Veterans program that Joel and Jim run. Muskies Inc is a great way to meet anglers, learn a ton about Muskies and Muskie fishing and to really help support our fisheries in PA. The club has helped me tremendously, cant say enough about guys like Charlie and Joel. Yinz need to come out to a meeting like the one held tomorrow night and meet everyone for yourself. Memberships are worth every penny, check them out

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