Big muskie caught on Vermillion Lodge Dam Resort in Cook, MN, MN on 10/4/2014

I was fishing for 2 days in rough weather with no follows or hits throwing every modern lure in my box when I thought why not throw something they maybe haven't seen, so I pulled out an old beat up 5 of diamonds my dad gave me before he died 30 years ago. "Boom" on the 4th cast in 5' of water with heavy weeds the monster hit. _x000D_ We have named the fish "The King of Diamonds"._x000D_ Moral to the story - don't throw what everyone else does!_x000D_ Happy fishin!

Where taken: Vermillion Lodge Dam Resort

State/Province: MN

Length (in) or Points (#): 56.3

Date taken: 2014-10-04

By: pig extractor