Big muskie caught on river system in x, WI on 10/19/2006

This was one of the coolest fishing experiences that I have had. My buddy and I are working an area and we see a very large musky chasing his sucker behind the boat. The fish swipes at, misses, turns, and t-bones my sucker and starts running. I chase it down in a matter of seconds, get over top of it, and let her have it, the sucker pulls out of its mouth and the whole rig floats back up to the surface, Just as the bobber and sucker and reaching the surface, the giant musky comes darting from the bottom and t-bone it again. This time I set the hooks and the fight is on. Minutes later I have her in the net and we are taking pictures and letting her swim away to fight another day.

Where taken: river system

State/Province: WI

Length (in) or Points (#): 47

Date taken: 2006-10-19

By: asteffes