Big muskie caught on Pewaukee Lake in Milwaukee, WI on 7/3/2006

At 8:45 pm, we were trolling over a large weedbed, and on a very slow retrieve of a Bucher Top Raider, this monster came up from 10 ft. and broke the glass-like surface. It jumped a couple of times, ran a few times, got a preliminary length of 42 while it thrashed by the boat, then it took one last dive, snapped the rod in two, and as I held onto the line with my hands, my brother was forced to use his gripping tool for fear that if this thing took off, my hands would get burnt, not to mention getting impaled by 18 inches of graphite. He couldn't lift it into the boat, so I grabbed it, and that's when we realized that we had boated a great fish. We couldn't get an actual weight on this fish because his scale topped out at 30 pounds, but the length was 51 inches. We took some shots, and put her back into the water, making sure that she was able to swim off ok. Whatta night. Then as we sat in the boat like zombies, as everything seemed so surreal, the locals started shooting off fireworks over the lake...some icing on the cake!

Where taken: Pewaukee Lake

State/Province: WI

Length (in) or Points (#): 51

Date taken: 2006-07-03

By: smee