Big muskie caught on Lake X in City X, MN on 6/22/2012

The fish were still shallow, in the weed beds. So we were slow rollin double 13's so we would be hittin the weeds. We were on a inside turn, by somewhat of a off, tryin to find some cabbage among the milfoil. This old girl hit right on the weed edge and exploded into the air as soon as i set the hook. She made some big runs and definitely kept us on our toes. By the time we got her to the boat we realized my net was deep but not very wide for a 50 inch fish. But my netman managed to scoop her somehow. It was a very memorable fish I will not forget.

Where taken: Lake X

State/Province: MN

Length (in) or Points (#): 50.3

Date taken: 2012-06-22

By: slimeduptuffy