Big muskie caught on Lake Vermillion in Tower, MN on 9/22/2006

I was with Ace Guide service on a trip I won from my MI chapter's raffle. I was sick as a dog, 100* fever and bronchitis, and the weather was cold, wet, and windy. We were both suprized this fish hit topwater during the cold front. This is my personal best, Ace estimated the weight at 30-35 pounds. We didn't get a good length measurement, since I was hiolding the fish up and it sagged in the middle, but the ruler said 47. It was so heavy, and I was so weak, that I had to sit fopr the photo. Not my best work as a model, but my best so far muskie fishing. m

Where taken: Lake Vermillion

State/Province: MN

Length (in) or Points (#): 47

Date taken: 2006-09-22

By: mikie