Big muskie caught on Lake of the Woods in Morson, ON on 9/1/2005

This 48" fish was caught 10 minutes after it had t-boned a 34" pike that Matt(thedude) was bringing to boatside. After releasing the pike, we backed off the spot to wrap our minds around what we had just witnessed. After seeing the fish surface and blow some bubbles I casted my bulldawg into the general direction that the fish had gone. Three rips and she destroyed the bait. All hell broke loose and instructions were yelled from both Jonesi and Thedude as this was the biggest fish that I had ever tangled with. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally hit the bottom of the bag. I was shaking too much to unhook her so I let the fellas handle that while I videotaped what was going on. Ive never felt a bigger rush as she kicked off on a strong release.

Where taken: Lake of the Woods

State/Province: ON

Length (in) or Points (#): 48

Date taken: 2005-09-01

By: esoxlazer