Big muskie caught on French River in Monetville, ON on 8/29/2008

My partner had just lost a 40" class fish on the same reef 20 minutes earlier. I was casting a 10" Suick, on the third jerk, she hit, shook violently on the surface, then swam parrallel to the boat about 20 yards out. I knew it was my largest musky to date. I was able to coax her toward the boat, but then she ran toward the stern. I had to yell at my partner to move, as I jumped from the bow, over the seats to the starboard side, brought her around the motor to the port side where my buddy was waiting with the Frabill. She swam right into it, then went nuts. The front and middle trebles were firmly locked, so we had to cut the hooks away. She measured 49.5 inches in the Dunwright Bump Board. She swam away strong after a few photos.

Where taken: French River

State/Province: ON

Length (in) or Points (#): 49.5

Date taken: 2008-08-29

By: bladeslinger