Big muskie caught on Big Eau Pleine River in Stratford, WI on 7/27/2017

Was shore fishing the narrow parts of the Big Eau Pleine river with my girlfriend using a Floating Blue Rapala that dove down 1-2 feet. Was fishing for a few minutes and cashed up high in some rapids and a nice Muskie spanked it. Was fighting it for awhile and got it close to shore when it got caught up in some rocks and my line snapped (was only using 15lb spider wire). Devastated I sat around for a bit but then tied back up a Rapala's original fire tiger that dove down a little bit farther. I continued to fish up in the rapids when another (bigger) muskie hit my lure. It was a crazy fight flying back and forth in the water pulling me all over. Some kayakers came through and watched from an afar I finally felt it tire out and I pulled it into the shallow to the side away from any rocks where I netted it myself. Brought it up on land to get a measure and then lifted it up for the kayakers to see. They were amazed. Got a few pictures and videos with it and spent a long time reviving it. It was a miracle two hit in one night at that spot and a night I'll cherish forever!

Where taken: Big Eau Pleine River

State/Province: WI

Length (in) or Points (#): 45

Date taken: 2017-07-27

By: masonkauffman