Tackle Industries Wins New Product Award at Muskie Expo Chicago!

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 Jan 12th, 2016 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Jan 12th, 2016 at 12:00 AM

Tackle Industries, a premier manufacturer of quality fishing rods and lures, is proud to present our new telescoping longer Muskie rods for 2016.

New model actions include MH, XH and XXH in 9’6″, 10′ and 10’6″, all with the our ‘signature’ long, larger diameter 18″ handles.   

The new rods were developed to allow muskie fishermen to execute deep, wide figure 8s as well as get their lures out and away from their boats in order to increase angling success. 

The new longer TI telescoping Muskie rods allow muskie anglers to fish from larger boats made for big water. Deep-V configurations place the angler higher and farther away from the water surface, so the new series of longer Muskie rods were designed to allow the angler to perform a proper figure 8 boat side from a higher platform.

The long rods will allow the angler to cast about 10% further. Over a 10 hour day, that’s another hour of precious time where your lure is in the water, not the boat or the air!

Recently, the Media voted and determined the new 9’6″ Tackle Industries rod was indeed the best new Muskie rod introduced at the show!

Please visit us at www.tackleindustries.com to check out the new Muskie rods for 2016 and the entire line of TI muskie and pike rods and lures.


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