Northwoods Muskies Makes Contribution to WIDNR

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 Oct 22nd, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Northwoods Muskies Makes Contribution to WIDNR

The Northwoods Muskies Inc. Chapter 61 recently donated $2,500 each for Vilas and Oneida Counties for a total of $5,000 to the Wisconsin DNR to support the stocking of extended growth muskellunge fingerlings in area waters. Northwoods Muskies Inc. has been working with the Wisconsin DNR for the past 3 years to improve muskie fisheries in the Northwoods.

The most recent endeavors include the following:

  1.  Addition of “Muskellunge Action Lakes” in Vilas & Oneida Counties
  2.  Charter Stocking of the Rainbow Flowage in Oneida County
  3.  Increased 50″size limits on Trout Lake and North & South Twin Lakes in Vilas County

The Wisconsin DNR has agreed to develop the following ‘New’ ‘Muskellunge Action Lakes’ in Oneida County: Carrol Lake, Crescent Lake, East Horsehead Lake, and Squirrel Lake. These lakes will receive 3061 “bonus fish” in 2015 and enhanced stocking quotas moving forward. The allocation of the 2015 bonus fish is as follows with the enhanced quotas taking effect in 2016:

     *              Carrol Lake                                 330
     *              Crescent Lake                            308
     *              East Horsehead Lake                 192
     *              Squirrel Lake                              654

Additionally Vilas County will have the following two lakes awarded as action with bonus fish for 2015:

                   Boot Lake                                     284
                   Pioneer Lake                                427

The Rainbow Flowage has not previously been stocked for muskies according to Wisconsin DNR Biologist, John Kubisiak. However, starting in 2015, this fishery will be awarded 1577 bonus fish and also has been selected for a regular stocking program of 1577 fingerlings annually. The Eagle River Chain of the Lakes was targeted for such a project over 10 years ago and the results have been simply spectacular. The hope is that this success can be duplicated at this Oneida County flowage. Northwoods Muskies Inc. is supporting both the ‘Action Lakes & Rainbow Flowage Projects’ with its recent donation.

As a commitment to their “Catch and Release philosophy, Northwoods Muskies also introduced a 50” size limit for muskies caught on Trout Lake and North & South Twin lakes in Vilas county. This proposal passed its initial hurdles and is currently in front of the Conversation Congress. If successful, the question will be on the ballot at the 2016 Spring hearings.

The Northwoods Muskies Inc. Chapter 61 established 3 years ago, is located in Minocqua, Wisconsin. The chapter supports the fisheries of Vilas and Oneida Counties, youth fishing programs, along with social and educational initiatives throughout the calendar. Membership and donation opportunities can be explored at www.northwoodsmuskies.com

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