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Spring Fishing Edition April 1, 2016

Hello fishermen! While some of you are already into the spring fishing mode, here in the northwoods we still have anglers ice fishing. In a few weeks we will get into the heavier spring season. Be sure to check further in this newsletter for spring tips, new products, and information on the new Wisconsin licensing system.

New and Hot Products

Gear Up for Spring Fishing

Every spring the most common question we get here is “what’s hot?”. Here at the Musky Shop there is always something new around the corner. Check out a few of these items that seem to be creating a buzz in the fishing community.
The new Rapala Shadow Rap Shads are getting a lot of attention. This will be a great multi-species lure for pike, bass, walleye, and even early season musky.

Next on our list is the Straightwire Spinnerbait from Bigtooth Tackle. This new design looks like it will be a winner for fishing muskies and big pike especially in the weeds.

Mepps has done it again with the introduction of their new Mepps Platinum Blade series. You will find these new mirror-like finishes in both the Musky Killer and Double Blade Marabou models.

For those of you who are interested in modifying your Bulldawgs we now carry the Heavy Heads which can add from a half ounce to one and a half ounces to change the drop rate of your soft plastic Musky Innovations products. 

Keep an eye on our website. New products usually get featured on our home-page.

New Wisconsin Licensing System

This year the Wisconsin DNR has introduced the new “Go Wild” licensing system. As with most new technologies there are still some bugs to be worked out. We are finding that average time for issuing a license can range from 5 minutes to half an hour depending on what kind of license you may need. As much as we like to encourage our customers to stop by the shop we would like to see your time spent here enjoying shopping or talking about fishing rather than standing in long lines. You may want to consider purchasing your licenses online or directly at a DNR Service Center to avoid the frustration of long lines this spring and summer. Click here to go directly to the Wisconsin “Go Wild” Licensing Page

Musky Shop You Tube Channel

It seems many of you enjoy watching our videos on the Musky Shop website. If you missed one or would like to keep up to date on the newest additions you can check out and subscribe to our You Tube channel. We have videos including lure demos, tackle tips, and interviews with noted fishing pros. You can find all that here: Musky Shop You Tube Channel For a sample try checking out this quick Musky Shop Store Tour video.

Spring Fishing Tips

Live Bait
Early season walleye fishermen find that Dace make a terrific live bait. They can be difficult to find and usually only available for a limited time. We carry them as long as the bait dealers have them available.

Another great lively bait are Mud Minnows. They are very hearty and quite active. “Muds” are like bass candy and the walleye and pike love them too! We carry them all season.

Spring Pike Tactics

Early in the season look for pike in shallow weedy bays. The water warms faster and the weeds attract bait fish. Favorite presentations for spring pike include spinnerbaits and spoons. These are relatively weedless lures and the flash produced by these lures provide great attraction to these active predators. Check out our “Quick Links” for some suggestions.


Your fishing time is valuable. Spend your time in what are likely to be the most productive areas. Use of Hydrographic Maps, past experience, and local resources can be a great help. To get the most out of your time consider hiring a professional local guide on waters that are unfamiliar to you. You can cut your search and technique time down considerably by relying on a pro to put you on the fish in a hurry!

Musky Shop Quick Links

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