Musky Shop Mid Summer Newsletter

 Jul 22nd, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Jul 22nd, 2015 at 12:00 AM

With the season in full swing it’s time to catch up on what’s happening in the Musky world. It seems like things are shaping up to be a banner year with lots of fish and some very large ones caught. We hope you are having a great season so far. Don’t forget to send us your big fish pictures and visit our Facebook Page or follow our Tweets to see the latest fish being caught by Musky Shop friends.
New Items
We are constantly adding new items to our product lineup. One of our favorites is our newly redesigned series of Musky Shop Platinum Custom rods. Our latest edition of this series features an even lighter blank that provides tremendous strength and quick response. Taking a cue from customer suggestions the handles have also been redesigned to make these rods even more comfortable and efficient. We currently offer 8 models in both full cork and split grip configurations.  

Among the most popular new additions to our inventory are the series of Spinnerbaits from Ace and Esox Assault, The Baby Beaver, and Northwoods Custom Classic surface baits. Find all these and more by clicking on the “New Items” tab on our website homepage.

But It Worked Last Year!
Have you ever found yourself pounding the water with last years “hot bait” and not finding success? I think we have all experienced this to some degree. While some lures seem to produce year in and year out there are times when you need to dig deeper in the well. Maybe a change to the same bait in a different color will work or going back to a lure that was a producer a few years back that’s been shuffled to the back of the tackle box. I’ve found that from time to time putting an old “war horse” back in the game is just what I needed to break a slump. I have a storage area where I keep my lure collection in Plano 3730 Stowaway boxes. If I’ve hit a slump, it’s time to revisit some of those old friends and try a couple to see if they still have the magic! More often than not I’ll find something that will once again put some fish in the net.

Late Breaking News

Just as we were about to put a wrap on this newsletter an unexpected delivery arrived at the Musky Shop. The new Shimano Calcutta Conquest reels are now in stock. This reel has previously only been available to the Japanese market and we are proud to have these exquisite reels available for our customers. 

The Conquest features a machined aluminum frame in a satin gold finish and has all of the latest upgraded technology that Shimano is famous for. The reel comes in both right and left hand models, a 5.6:1 gear ratio that picks up 30″ of line per handle turn, and silky smooth 12 ball bearing plus 1 roller bearing. The appearance is very reminiscent of the discontinued Calcutta TE series but improvements made in the last couple years puts this reel far ahead of that old model. Check our website for more details and ordering information. 

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