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2015 Is Underway!

With the release of this newsletter we know that Musky season is here or on the very near horizon for everyone. The whole staff at the Musky Shop is dedicated to helping make this the best season ever for all of our customers and friends. We admit to being slightly envious of some of our friends who have already posted some remarkable catches. Whether you’re fishing your own local waters or planning a musky trip rest assured that we take your business seriously and want to do all we can to make sure your orders are handled carefully and in a timely fashion. If you have questions regarding products or general fishing information don’t hesitate to contact us. We try our best to give you the straight information and help you determine the best strategies to put more and bigger fish in your net this year.

You’re NOT seeing double!

More than a few customers in the store have had their head spin when they “see Jim” in two different areas of the store but wearing different clothes. Take it easy, it’s not one of those deja vu things. We are happy to welcome aboard Jim’s triplet brother, John to the staff at the Musky Shop. John has made the move to join brother Jim in the Northwoods and jump into the family business. John is a very avid and knowledgeable musky fisherman himself and shares Jim’s affable nature. He’s getting a trial by fire learning the intricacies of counting out minnows and rinsing leaches along with locating the thousands of lures in the shop. We promise to stop making him wear his name tag at least some time this summer!

New St. Croix Legend Elite Musky Rods

Ever since the word got out that St. Croix was introducing a new top line Musky rod series we’ve been busy answering questions and taking orders for these new sticks. The research and design team at Park Falls have outdone themselves with this incredible new lineup. No detail has been overlooked in offering the most advanced technology in rod construction. The Legend Elite takes the best features from the Legend Tournament series and taken the next step into the future of musky fishing. Check out this link for more information on the Legend Elite Musky Series from St. Croix.

Multi Species Expansion

Next time you’re in the Musky Shop or checking us out online be sure to pay attention to our expanded selection of lures and gear for bass, walleye, and pike. Summer visitors to Minocqua and surrounding area will find some of the most requested and cutting edge gear for those who may need to take a little time off from chasing muskies. Family fishermen will be happy to find everything from gear suited to the youngest anglers up to those who specialize in providing their own family fish fry!

Don’t forget to look into some of our “cross-over” lures. Many of our musky offerings are used very successfully for multiple species. Some of these include the Smity Chubbs and Little Buddy, Mini Terminator, and of course the entire lineup of great Mepps spinners.

Quick Links
St. Croix Legend Elite
Bass, Walleye, Pike
Smity Chubs and Buddy Lures
Mini Terminator

Guide Tip

Storms Not All Bad

Sudden showers can chase even the most dedicated angler off the water but after threatening weather has cleared get back out there. Incoming creeks and streams can provide a sudden benefit to musky anglers. Runoff from streams provide nutrients and small critters that attract baitfish and their predators. Voila! instant buffet table for muskies!

Ordering Options

We try our best to process and ship orders in the most timely way possible. Please include a phone number where we can reach you for any questions. If you have a need for expedited shipping of your order we have Next Day and Two Day Shipping* options available. Consider these options if you have last minute needs that you want for those forgotten emergency items. These orders receive immediate attention!

* Not available for international orders

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