Gorilla Grip Gloves, Now Available in Walmart and Academy Sports

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 Sep 21st, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Sep 21st, 2020 at 5:54 PM

Big Time Products (September 21, 2020), There is a new beast is the glove market and that beast is Gorilla Grip Gloves which has now joined forces with two giants of retail Walmart and Academy Sports. These versatile gloves are made for protection and performance making them a perfect fit for the everyday sportsman, mechanic, landscaper, and all hardworking individuals who want to protect their hands while being able to get a solid grip on their gear. Teaming up with these two retailers will enable customers to pick up a pair of Gorilla Grip Gloves just about anywhere in the United States at an affordable price.

Gorilla Grip Gloves come in a variety of styles and functions at a very affordable price making them the hottest glove on the market. Contractors will enjoy the backhand and knuckle protection offered by the Gorilla Grip Max Impact Rhinoflex work gloves, which provide flexibility and protection from handling sharp objects while meeting commercial-grade ANSI Level 5 (A5) cut protection standards.

Angling enthusiasts will enjoy Gorilla Grip proprietary Never Slip technology and the A5 cut protection which is included with the Filet Gloves model. This technology will prevent even the slimiest of fish from slipping through your grip while taking that hero shot as well as protecting you from cuts while at the filet table. All Gorilla Grip gloves are designed with patented Never Slip technology, breathability, flexibility for the perfect fit and are now offered in several new Veil Camo pattern colors.

Gorilla Grip Glove Features:

  • Never Slip technology
  • ANSI Level 5 cut protection (limited to specific models)
  • Skin-tight fit and flexibility for comfort
  • Breathable knit shell
  • Variety of Veil Camo colors
  • Touch Screen capabilities

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