Muske Anglers Circuit Announces Muskie Bumper is Official Measure Board of the MAC

 May 5th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified May 5th, 2009 at 12:00 AM

The Muskie Anglers Circuit today announced T&M Muskie Product’sMuskie Bumper CPR measure board was selected to be the official measureboard of the MAC. The folding Muskie Bumper measure board was chosenbecause of it’s durability, unique, strong hinge system, and ease ofportability.

All MAC Tournaments are 100% immediate CPR; Catch, Photograph, andRelease. The MAC has designed a unique virtual weigh in system enteringtotal inches of the Muskies caught by each team recorded from cameradata card images taken by the Team into a leaderboard formula thatautomatically totals the Team’s points for each day and the event,displaying that total on  web based LIVE Leaderboard.

TonyLewman of T&M Muskie Products said, ” We are excited the MAC choseto offer our boards as the official boards of the Circuit.”

Eachmorning the teams will pick up their Muskie Bumper board from eventofficials, marked especially for that day’s competition. The registeredfish images will clearly show the Day Mark and total fish length. Atthe end of each day’s competition, the boards will be returned to MACOfficials.

The Muskie Anglers Circuit was formed to:

provide a national competitive arena and media platform to showcase the
abilities and personalities of the sport’s most skilled competitive
muskie anglers

promote muskie angling and conservation and to provide educational
opportunities for current and future generations of anglers and

c) showcase products and service that support the sport of muskie fishing.

All MAC tournaments are CPR (Catch, Photo, and Immediate Release).

Stay tuned to the new MAC website for any and all circuit updates.

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