Jim and Lynne Dembiec Win WMT’S Pewaukee Tournament

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 May 23rd, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified May 23rd, 2008 at 12:00 AM

There were two legal muskies registered at the WMT's Pewaukee Lake tournament Saturday, May 17th. Ryan Bock and Tyler Maney would be the first team to register a muskie for the event when Ryan tied in to a muskie on his first cast that would measure 37 1/2 inches at 6:21am to give the duo the early lead. As the day continued on, the winds picked up, ranging from 20 to 30 miles per hour making boat control and lure presentation difficult for all of the competing teams. Bock and Maney would hold on to the lead for most of the event, but with only a half an hour left in the conpetition at 3:30pm, the husband and wife team of Jim and Lynne Dembiec would tally the largest muskie of the day, a 39 1/4 incher and first place.

The WMT's Pewaukee Lake "MUSKIE DOUBLE HEADER"(tm) tournament paid down five places:
1st – Jim & Lynne Dembiec
2nd – Ryan Bock/Tyler Maney
3rd – Doug Behm/Mike Kucken
4th – Abe Lang/Kevin Mahlberg
5th – Jeff Danielson/Joe Herman

The next tournaments for the WMT is a "MUSKIE DOUBLE HEADER"(tm) weekend with the Lac Vieux Desert tournament on Saturday, May 24th and North/South Twin Lakes tournament on Monday, May 26th. The Lac Vieux Desert tournament should have enough teams signed up to pay-out the full amount and $10,000.00 for the first place prize and the North/South Twin Lakes tournament is already guaranteed full pay-out and $10,000.00 for first place. And, because the LVD and Twin's tournaments are a "MUSKIE DOUBLE HEADER"(tm) weekend, the team who wins both of the tournaments back-to-back will win the $20,000.00 bonus, that would tally $40,000.00 for the weekend for the winning team. Also, what is at stake this coming weekend for the tournament anglers is the 50" pool that will pay more than $15,000.00 extra for the first team to register a muskie over 50 inches. Two years ago, the WMT's North/South Twin tournament produced two muskies over 50 inches and this year's conditions are shaping up to be another tournament that could produce the same type of "big fish" results. Of course, LVD could pop a big girl too, to cash in on the big money jack pot.

As of today's date, both of the tournaments still have some open spots but are very close to filling up. It is still possible to sign up for the events by logging on to the WMT's web site www.WMTseries.com for the entry form, and mailing it to the WMT. If there is still some openings the Friday before the Lac Vieux Desert tournament, you can sign up at the Hill Side Resort at the lake on South Shore Drive between the hours of 5:00pm and 7:30pm or at the Grape's Twin Haven Resort on HWY K between 4:00pm and 5:00pm Sunday, May 25 for the North/South Twin Lakes tournament.

All of the WMT's one-day tournaments and Major Open Championships are open to the public. You can fish in one tournament or as many as you like.

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