Father and Son Age 7 Win PMTT Ranger Boats World Championship

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 Oct 13th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Absolutely Priceless!!!

The words that best describe the finishof the 2009 season for the #1 musky tournament circuit in the country,PMTT – Ranger Boats World Championship. Gary Lehnherr and his 7 yearold son Carson from McFarland, WI were absolutely dialed in andcompletely untouchable during this event. They caught four fish in alland not only will they carry the coveted title of 2009 PMTT RangerBoats World Champions, but they also won a brand new 2010 Ranger Boat619 Fishermen, Rangertrail Trailer and Mercury powered Opti Max forfirst place valued at around $40,000.

The anglers had more tocompete against then each other as Mother Nature also added some toughconditions. Snow, wind, clouds changing to sunny and lake turn over toname a few. There were a total 26 muskies caught between 34″- 45.25″ inthese ever changing conditions with the water temps in the mid fifties.To make matters even worse, the winds were blowing out of the northwestat about 20mph, making the 28 degree morning air temps seem bitterfrigid.

Gary and Carson trolled crank baits and spoon plugs intheir Mercury powered Ranger Boat just off the deep breaklines in the18 to 22 foot range at about 4mph, while they tried to keep the baitsas close to bottom as possible even making contact with the bottom asthey trolled. When a fish would hit, Carson reeled them in while hisdad Gary handled the net. Keyes Outdoors TV Show captured the winningfish and all the excitement on film as they hooked up with the finalfish while conducting an interview with them. Absolutely pricelesswatching this 7 year old crank in the fish and his dad putting the netunder the $40,000 musky.

The really enjoyable finish at theawards ceremony was seeing all of the anglers watch as a proud fathershared a great moment in musky fishing history with his son and hearingthe story. This is unbelievable as some of these fish were over 20pounds. A lot of the anglers in the room had butterflies in theirstomachs seeing this unveil. It was awesome as any parent can relate tothe great bond these two will always share through the great sport ofmusky fishing.

Second place went to two well known anglers whoare no strangers to winning. Jason Summers of Lino Lakes MN. and TroyBilbrey of Wyoming, MN. caught 3 muskies that were 38.75″, 36.75″ and35.25″. The two anglers were also the Ranger Cup winners worth$1,000.00 which is awarded to the top finishing registered Ranger Boatowner.
The two anglers used crank baits trolling 3-4 miles per hour in close proximity to the bottom.

Third place went to Dewey Stewart of Pawnee, IL. and Forrest Kay of St. Charles, IL.
Thesetwo fishermen used Rapala Xrap crank baits and Jake crank baits thatwere chartreuse in color to entice a 35.25″ and 43″ muskies. The twoalso received $500 for the big fish on Sunday.

Fourth Placewinners were Dan Sheehan of Harford, WI and Scott Gindt of Jackson, WI.These anglers trolled crank baits over deep gravel areas to enticemuskies that were 41.75″ and 35″ in length. Fifth place went out toAaron Templin and Joe Anderson of Bemidji, MN. used cowgirl buck tailsand manta jerk baits on weed flats on break lines. The muskies theycaught and released were 38″ and 34″.

The prestigious Top GunTeam of the Year went down to the wire with lead changes the last dayof the trail! This award goes out to the team who is most consistent incatching fish throughout the trail season. Scott Donovan of Carbondale,IL and Chris Riebe of Montgomery, IL. is your 2009 Team of the yearedging out Jason Summers and Troy Bilbrey by one point. Third placewent to the father and son team of Ron and Rich Weidner of SpringGrove, IL.

Tournament Director Tim Widlacki thanked Ranger Boatsfor sponsoring the World Championship and for supporting the entire2009 PMTT trail. In addition Musky Hunter Magazine, Mercury Marine,Keyes Outdoors Television, Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce, Rollie& Helens Musky Shop, Musky Mayhem Tackle, Howard Johnson Hotels,Crash’s Landing, Chaos Tackle, Morehead Kentucky Tourism Commission andall the associate and contributing sponsors. Please let these finefolks know that you appreciate their promotional efforts in support offreshwaters most challenging fish … and those extreme anglers who chaseher on the first, best and only truly National Professional MuskyCircuit … the PMTT!

To obtain more information on becoming amember of the 2010 PMTT, or to view event photo album, please visitthem on the Web @ www.promusky.com or call PMTT office @: 815-478-4351

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