How To Catch Big Pike

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 Apr 18th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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All the Insight and Technique You Need to Catch Bigger Pike, Whatever the Location

9781845286040 | HARDBACK | £35

An inspirational and illustrated guide to catching specimen pike in rivers, lochs and lakes from an author who has caught more than his fair share. The book combines up-to-the- minute insight into pike habits with the latest in rigs, tackle and techniques. Now in its third, revised and extended edition, this book – a landmark on the subject – shows how you can consistently catch specimen pike when fishing rivers, lakes, gravel pits and lochs throughout the northern hemisphere.

Angling is among the world’s biggest participant sports, with 21 million anglers in the US, 2 million in Britain and 14 million in Germany.

Distinguished pike fisherman Paul Gustafson, an experienced biologist as well as a gifted angler and researcher, shows how you can develop techniques that will catch bigger pike when fishing any location. He describes how to locate the biggest fish in a fishery, the best way of catching it, and how to apply various clever techniques and the most effective tackle to achieve greater success.

This new edition includes photographs and artwork. It covers the very latest scientific discoveries about how pike detect their prey through dedicated olfactory organs; how they use their specialised sense of smell; and what it is exactly that pike see — with obvious relevance to choice of lures.

The author has also included new material on the fishing of lochs, lakes and rivers throughout the world; on fly fishing for pike; as well as chapters by six of the world’s leading pike anglers, including Fred Buller OBE, Gord Burton, Pete Climo, Alastair Rawlings and Bob Church.

‘This is one of the finest books ever written on a single species and is a must for all pike anglers globally’ — Beverley Clifford, Pike and Predators ‘This book describes clearly and illustrates handsomely all the known methods of pike fishing’ — Fred Buller OBE

‘This is probably the finest book ever written on pike fishing. It is packed with fascinating and new information on what pike see, smell and feel. It is a must for all pike anglers globally’ — Stuart Earp, Oxford Mail

‘Must-read for pike fishermen . . . This beautifully produced volume details every aspect of pike angling, from tackle and bait to location, from local rivers to far-flung lochs. All experienced anglers will find something new in these pages and for an angler trying to catch that first big pike, this book will become their Bible’ — Wantage and Grove Herald
‘Covers every side of the sport . . . Paul’s book is an entertaining and informative journey through a life-long
obsession’ — Angler’s Mail

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