Gtechniq Launches Marine Product Line

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 Feb 16th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Feb 16th, 2022 at 6:29 PM

Science-Based Protective Coatings Tailored for the Marine Environment

Cumming, Ga. – Gtechniq, global leader in the detailing industry, announced today it has re-formulated its award-wining automotive detailing products specifically for the marine environment. The product line will be offered by the company’s Gtechniq Marine division.

Gtechniq is entering its 21st year of business as a global leader in the detailing industry. The company is a top-tier brand in the automotive detailing world and is introducing its innovative technology to the boat detailing world. As boats become more advanced and owners become more discerning, Gtechniq Marine products ensure the surfaces of a boat are protected and maintain their showroom look and luster. The innovative product line ensures boat owners will spend less time cleaning and maintaining the surfaces of their boat and more time enjoying them with their friends and family.

Gtechniq Marine’s flagship products are its Marine Ceramic Base and Marine Ceramic Top. These world-class products capture that “better than showroom” look after a boat has been detailed and retains the gloss and color depth an owner expects. With the complement of Gtechniq Marine maintenance products like UV Wash, Water Spot Remover, Interior Cleaner, and Rinse-On Ceramic, owners can count on years of surface protection and a greater ease of cleaning.

Ceramic Fast Coat is a non-smear, high-gloss, 100% optically clear, non-yellowing and UV resistant coating. The coating repels dirt and water and provides up to six months protection. Easy to apply, Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Fast Coat is the perfect partner to protect marine surfaces from oxidation and make hard-to-remove stains a thing of the past. This product crosslinks to gelcoat or topcoat and is compatible with all Gtechniq Marine products.

Rinse-On Ceramic is the fastest and easiest way to protect any boat’s gloss surfaces. It can be used at every wash down with a single application lasting up to three months. In addition to their ceramic coatings, the company offers a full line of glass and interior cleaners; a panel wipe that removes all polish residues so that chemically bonding coatings can form the maximum amount of bonds with a vessel’s paintwork; glass, metal, and multi-stage polishes; and non-ceramic coatings for glass, plexiglass and fabrics.

“We are proud to offer a full complement of cleaning and coating products and the requisite maintenance items to ensure the longevity and performance of our coatings and your vessel,” said Jay Bentley, Business Development Manager – Marine, Gtechniq North America. “Our true ‘hard’ ceramics, Base and Top, are our best sellers because they provide the protection owners expect and we guarantee. They are easy to apply, and they are proven, cost-effective replacements for wax. However, we don’t just rest on our line of exceptional products, we are continually developing new products and refining existing ones with several projects currently under way to add to the Marine line in the very near future.”

For more information on Gtechniq Marine or its full line of detailing products, please visit www.gtechniq.com/marine.

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