BigTooth Tackle Brings a Game Changer

 Jan 17th, 2019 by sworrall 

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Rogers, Minn. (January 10, 2018) – The challenge of muskie angling, and a key reason why muskie fishing can be so expensive, is tackle turnover. Giant, aggressive toothy fish are known to destroy tackle. In the case of wire bucktails or spinnerbaits, big pike and muskies quickly bend the wire into an unusable mess, where a bait may only survive one or two fish catches.

Catch More Fish on One Bait with NiTi Flexx©

To address this problem, the minds at BigTooth Tackle Company made a great muskie bait better — with Nickel Titanium technology. Designed to withstand repeated hammering by giant toothy fish, the NiTi FLEXX© Bucktail is made with BigTooth’s first-in-class NiTi frame with “Unlimited FLEX” technology…which will stand up to repeat thrashing of giant fish. This simply means anglers can catch more fish on one bait.

The NiTi FLEXX© has unique properties, which include “Shape Memory” and “Superelasticity”—also known as pseudo-elasticity…in simple terms, the wires have unmatched bend and flex capacity. “All anglers really need to know is that when you catch a fish with the NiTi FLEXX© Bucktail, it won’t permanently bend or crimp like traditional stainless steel wires”, explains Big Tooth Tackle Developer John Crane, “As part of the Juice lineup, the NiTi FLEXX© can withstand extreme bending punishment and will still return to it’s straight, functional design. This simply translates into more fish caught on a single bait.”

Not only is the NiTi FLEXX© frame like no other inline spinner, we’ve paired it with the best components in the industry… premium blades with perfect color selections combined with the perfect bead combination provide immediate blade rotation, a hand-tied flash-a-bou skirt on our KeelWT BrNO custom weight ensure no rolling will occur, all balanced for superior cast ability. And it’s all made in the USA!

Key benefits of the NiTi FLEXX© Bucktail include:
• First-in-class NiTi “Unlimited FLEX” Frame has unmatched flex capacity and bendability – anglers catch multiple fish without destroying the bait!
• Hand-tied Flash-a-Bou Made in the USA
• Premium blades
• Customized beads and body to ensure immediate blade rotation
• Shrink-tube on the upper hook- to prevent line wrap
• Field tested balance to perform perfect castability
• Available in Mag 8 Size
• Available in bulk or retail packaging
• Available in 6 colors

The NiTi FLEXX© Bucktails will retail for $59.99 msrp and are available in six colors.

For more information, visit BigToothTackle.com.

Available at the 2019 Chicago Muskie Expo in the Thorne Bros Booth and at the Milwaukee Muskie Expo at The Musky Shop!

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