Musky Shop Presents the Shield Muskie Rod Series

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 Dec 5th, 2017 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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December 5, 2017, Minocqua WI

Muskie anglers are a collection of hardcore enthusiasts similar to those who prefer the refined taste of quality single-malt scotch or single-barrel bourbon. Like those aficionados of fine spirits, muskie hunters will pay a dear price for what they perceive to be the most elite gear available to help them catch more muskies.

It’s not uncommon for these dedicated anglers to spend $30 or more on a custom lure they feel is what they need to attract a giant muskies. Ask them what they pay for a reel or rod, and you may think they are speaking of their car payments or monthly mortgage.

So, can a muskie angler who doesn’t have the cliche “arm and leg” to spend on gear still get quality product? As far as rods go, the answer is yes.

The folks at the Musky Shop in Minocqua, Wisconsin, have developed Shield Rods, a new series with 5 models to choose from. All of them either 8 or 8 1/2-feet long, heavy or extra-heavy action. Oh yeah, one trolling rod, too.

So why take the time to create a new item for an already successful fishing retailer? Jim Stewart of the Musky Shop explains.

“There are plenty of quality rods on the market that are pricey,” said Stewart. “Some in the $500 range. They are great, but we wanted to create a rod series that anglers could afford. For the price of the one $500 rod, you can get two Shield rods.

“It’s not just about price, but they are a fine quality product. We’ve tested them and came up with a rod that is quality, fast-action and durable. Plus, we decided to stick with the 8-foot-plus range, since that is what most muskie anglers are using now.

“We were recently out testing the trolling model and caught a nice 49-incher. That rod handled big baits and that fish. These are great rods, and not just because they are affordable. They fish great.”

Each rod has an Aramed wrap that provides extra durability, and Zirconia inserts in the line guides. The cost is $199.99 for each model and are available online at www.muskyshop.com.

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