52″ Tennessee Muskellunge Release

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 May 28th, 2011 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified May 28th, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Though greeted by an abnormal water condition for this time of year on his home musky river in central Tennessee, “Stone’s Throw Adventures” Musky Guide Cory Allen set out with clients Lila Warren and Bobby Wilson, the current Chief of Fisheries for the TWRA, on the mission to get some close encounters of the musky kind in stained water conditions.

While they had both never been musky fishing before, Lila and Bobby picked up quickly on the basics of musky baitcasting presentation on their respective bait selections, made by Cory.

Though 4 muskies over 40″ were encountered on the trip, Lila, her first time ever musky fishing, managed to hook and land a 52″ Tennessee river muskellunge on an 8″ Salmo Skinner.

Having never handled a muskellunge before, Cory let her use the Boga Grip to handle the fish, with some guide assistance. The fish was so powerful and strong that upon her initial effort to lift it from the water, it did a massive headshake and nearly pulled her over the side of his Tuffy Esox Ltd., before Cory reached over to grab her and save both Lila and the fish…it’s still to be determined which of the two was the greater motivation for his action.

What an amazing first fish, or any fish, for anyONE to be caught in of all places…Tennessee, and believe it or not, there are bigger and badder fish out there than even this one. Catch ’em up, y’all.

-Cory Allen, “Stone’s Throw Adventures”

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