2021 Trip To Andy Myers Lodge

 Aug 24th, 2021 by sworrall 

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2021 Augst Trip to AML by Andrew Golden

Just back from another great trip to Andy Myers Lodge in Vermillion Bay, ON and I can say AML IS BACK and better than before Covid kept us out of Canada! While I’ve been more than a few times in the past, my overall trip as a week of vacation will be remembered as one of my best. Maybe my enthusiasm to being back clouds my perceptions but there is a feel of excitement to get the whole AML experience rolling again. The staff is excited to see everyone, the guides are psyched to be back on the hunt and the camp full of guests seemed to have a blast.
Of course, the first area to discuss has to be the fishing! Before we go into HOW I DID remember that just because you do something a lot, that does not mean you’re good at it. But, terrible fisherman that I am, I did boat 6 muskies with the biggest being 45”. I (fished alone 90% of the time) saw fish everyday both in the wind and out, more on rocks versus weeds, had them up on topwaters, plastics, and blades of all sizes. And per my usual, I managed to miss two 50s that came charging the boat with my bad figure 8-ing! As for the fisherman who didn’t suck, during the week:
-Biggest muskie was 52”
-One group of four anglers put 21 in the boat while losing 16! Their biggest were 45.5, 46, 47.5, 49, 51 and 51.25”
-Danny Herbeck and clients put 5 in the boat one day. Another boat had a four-fish day. I should have kept notes!
-A guided group of walleye fishermen put 167 in the boat in ¾ of a days’ fishing.

As for the amenities, my cabin was cleaned spotless when I arrived, and to my excitement (I hate doing floors and really cleaning of any type!) the staff came in daily to clean the cabin, change towels as necessary and even made sure I had more than enough coffee filters daily. Seems like a small thing, but after hammering the water for 14+ hours in high temps, a clean cabin with clean towels is a nice thing to come back to. AML cabins always come equipped with a microwave, stovetop burner, coffee maker, air conditioner (!!!!!), and propane grill. Without going into it too much, it’s more than enough for even the highest-class muskie and walleye chasers.

One thing I have always felt that separates AML from many camps, which was again impressive, is the service you get at the dock. The staff will help with just about anything and at a speed that will turn your head! The dock staff sees a boat coming in, they SPRINT to wherever that boat docks to get them tied up, make sure they don’t need gas and will plug your boat in for a charge. Additionally, while I was there the staff kept a brand new boat from sinking (fixed the aerator plumbing), braved 3’ waves in 60mph winds to help get clients out of their boats at the dock, and even helped get my big expensive locator to turn on!

Without gushing too much more, I’d just close by saying the guests’ experience at Andy Myers Lodge is back to where it was before Covid, and even improved a bit. If you haven’t been and you’re a lover of big muskies and a great vacation, give AML a shot!


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