2011 Madison Muskie School Schedule Announced

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 Mar 8th, 2011 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Mar 8th, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Chicago Muskie Show …$10

Muskie Fishing Shows on Cable…$60/month

Capital City Muskie, Inc 10th Annual Muskie Fishing School…PRICELE$$

(Actually – $29 if paid before 3/15/2011, if received after 3/15/2011 fee is $39. Youth fee $5- if 18 or younger).


Saturday March 19th, 2011
7:30 Doors open, Check-in, coffee & donuts
8:20 Welcome & Kick-off (Auditorium) – All Participants at the Auditorium
8:30 ” The latest in Muskie gear” Adam Oberfoell & Greg Fitch – Auditorium
9:00-10:25 [Block #1]:
9:00 A) Poolside Lure Demonstrations – Plastics, Jigs & Crank Bait: tips & techniques [Hanson & Buechner]
9:00 B) Sonar, Fish finders & Marine Electronics – Latest technology & Operation [Greg Fitch]
9:00 C) Spring Muskie Fishing Techniques: Getting ready for opener [Dale Anderson/Matt Devos/Steve Reinstra]
9:00 D) Muskie Fishing on the WI River [Todd Forcier (i)]
9:00 E) Preparing for new water- How to prepare and size up new un-fished water [Worrall & Crandall]
9:00 F) Muskie Fishing basics for Youth & Adults [Duffy Kopf]
9:00 G) Build your own custom muskie rod [Ron Walter & Rick Wyman]
9:00 H ) All about making muskie lures A-Z PART I [John Eversoll]
9:00 I) Muskie Reel Repair Break Down & repair – Hands on [Chuck Brod & colleagues]
9:00 J) Spoon plugging for Muskies (Don Hollatz) & Fishing from Shore [Ron Schell]
9:00 K) “Topwater Muskies – Top to Bottom” [Lee Tauchen]

10:25 -10:35 Break
10:35 – Noon [Block #2]:
10:35 A) Poolside Lure Demonstrations- Plastics, Jigs, crankbaits: tips & techniques [Tauchen]
10:35 B) Patterning Big Muskies “Sacrificing Quantity for Quality” [Adam Oberfoell]
10:35 C) All about making muskie lures A-Z PART II [John Eversoll]
10:35 D) Tube Fishing for Muskies [Ron Schell]
10:35 E) Sucker Fishing & Quickset Rigs [Jerry Georgeson]
10:35 F) Fishing Southeastern Wisconsin – Pewaukee/Okauchee [Mike Koepp]
10:35 G) Fishing Sawyer County & Northwest Wisconsin [Jim Stroede]
10:35 H) Build your own custom muskie rod [Ron Walter & Rick Wyman]
10:35 I) 10:35 J) Muskie Reel Repair tear down & hands on [Chuck Brod & colleagues]
10:36 J) Fishing Oneida and Vilas Counties [Worrall/Raley]
1) Boat, motor and trailer maintenance [Fitch] 2) Reel/trolling motor repair [Brod] 3) Making Spinnerbaits/silicone skirts [Hollatz] 4) Muskie Lure Casting Accuracy Contest-outside (weather permitting) [Henry Hempe & Tony Enger] (5) Catch & release procedures 6) Knot tying

1:00-2:30 [Block #3]
1:00 A) Trolling (Row & Motor) for Muskies with impressive results [Jim Olson/Steve Reinstra]
1:00 B) How to rig your boat for muskie fishing – hands on session [Fitch]
1:00 C) Reel repair tear down & Electric trolling motors maintenance [Chuck Brod & colleagues]
1:00 D Madison Chain Muskies [Bill Buechner /Don Hollatz/Jeff Hanson/Craig Eversoll]
1:00 E) Canadian Muskie Fishing (Lake of the Woods, Eagle Lake) [Matt Devos & Panel]
1:00 F) Build your own custom muskie rod [Ron Walter & Rick Wyman]
1:00 G) Boat Control [Steve Worrall]
1:00 H) Night Fishing [Adam Oberfoell]
1:00 I) How to Make Spinnerbaits & Bucktails [Scot Stewart]
1:00 J) Make your own leaders Fluorocarbon & Steel [Dan Reim & Gerard Hellenbrand]
Registration is open to the public – everyone is welcome! Select one class per time period (3 total), indicate your preferred class for each time period on the form (below). Mail your completed form along with the tuition (payable to CCMI) before 3/15/2011 tuition is $29, ($39 if paid after 3/15/2011), $5 -Youth who are 18 or younger to:
Muskie Class – CCMI P.O. /Box 8862 Madison, WI 53708. A confirmation and map will be sent to you before the event. Note: Instructors are subject to change and please call us right away of you want to build your own rod and attend the rod building class. Parking permits are not needed to park at the High School. State law prohibits smoking at the facility. Questions: see www.capitalcitymuskiesinc.org or contact: Geoff Crandall at crandal[email protected] or 608-831-6020 (evenings) or Steve Reinstra at [email protected] or 608-770-7131.

Saturday March 19th, 2011 – held in Waunakee High School


Name ________________________________________________


City ______________________________________ Zip______________

Select your 3 class choices – write them in below

8:20-9:00 Everyone in Auditorium: Welcome & “The Latest in Muskie Gear “

9:00 -10:25 YOUR CLASS CHOICE:



Noon -1:00 Lunch & Mini sessions in lunch area

1:00 – 2:30 YOUR CLASS CHOICE:


2:45 – 3:30 Everyone in Auditorium: Fill out evaluation & turn in, Door Prizes & Raffle

$29 if paid before 3/15/2011, if received after 3/15/2011 fee is $39, (Youth fee $5- if 18 or younger). If necessary, you may register at the door (please note that the $39 fee will be in effect). Since lunches must be catered in and planned in advance, registration at the door (while possible) is not recommended.

Mail to: Muskie Class – CCMI P.O. Box 8862 Madison, WI 53708.

Make check payable to: Capital City Muskies Inc.

— This school is provided in honor of Gil Hamm and as a thank you
to conscientious, conservation-minded Muskie anglers everywhere

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