Ice is going fast, but bluegills still biting on soft plastics

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 Mar 31st, 2019 by Keith Worrall  150

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Jarrid Houston

We are finally starting to see areas of grass showing for the first time in a while around the Twin Ports. We even had some thunderstorms roll through the other day. Gotta love the changing of the seasons. I think we are all very excited to see signs of spring popping up.

This week we witnessed some boat traffic in and around Duluth and Superior. The tug boats, freighters and cutters are going hard at it opening up water routes. Rivers are starting to open up more each day as well. Daylight hours are growing by the day and fishing transitions are taking place. Anglers need to be cautious of dangerous ice conditions as some bodies of water are starting to see early signs of soft ice. Anglers now need to leave their trucks and cars on shore and use snowmobiles, ATV’s or walk. Bringing out a fat tire bike can be a good way to get around this time of year. Be very cautious at the shoreline when venturing out onto late ice. We still have thick sheets on most waters, but things are changing in a hurry.

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