Time to Book Your Exciting Ice Fishing Trip

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 Sep 15th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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The time is NOW! Book your exciting Ice Fishing Trip today. Requests are coming in and resorts are already taking reservations for that once in a lifetime ice fishing trip to Lake of the Woods. Did I say, “once”? No, many anglers frequent the waters/ice of Lake of the Woods many times during the winter months. Why? Because this Walleye Capital of the World™ is a first class fishery and continues to be so. Permanent fish houses, sleeper fish houses, and day wheel houses make up an entire village with plowed roads and sectioned off areas that are continually being groomed by experienced ice staff.

Yes, winter is right around the corner. The standard joke in northern MN is that we have two seasons. Summer fishing is the greatest as anglers of all ages enjoy the shimmering waters of Lake of the Woods. Soon, however, those shimmering waters start cooling down and currents slow and before you know it you’ll see a skim of ice forming on the bays, the big lake and the river. Then, Winter is on!!!

Currently harvest is going full scale with wheat being harvested, wild rice being harvested, soy beans ready to ripen and the beautiful fields of sunflowers that have been prepared for harvest. People of the north enjoy all four seasons watching the harvest and preparing for hunting seasons. Resorts have been plenty busy, but are already looking ahead to the winter season.

When the ice first forms on the lake, resort owners and guides are out there immediately measuring the depth of the ice. They want to keep all the visitors to the area safe and won’t allow any one on the ice until it’s safe. The MN DNR has a great page showing guidelines for safe ice travel and it needs to be adhered to by all.

Because of the last season of the pandemic, travel was limited to Canada and that made travel to the Northwest Angle almost unavailable. However, where there’s a will there’s a way. Resort owners from that area and many others banned together to form a huge ice road extending across Minnesota waters for travel to reach the Angle. What an undertaking, but what a great experience to travel the ice to the Northwest Angle which provides some of the best ice fishing in the northland.

This year, regulations have let up some and with the proper credentials and tests, visitors are able to cross into Canada by land to capture the beauty of that part of the state…the “chimney” at the top of Minnesota. Visit that area this year to experience life at the northernmost part of the indigenous United States.

It’s not too early to book your ice fishing trip now. The books are open but fish houses have been being prepared all season long as they are painted, cleaned and made ready for Winter anglers to arrive.

Planning your next ice fishing trip should be a breeze. Visit our Lodging Availability Page

on our website to fill out the form and get your reservation made early. By the time Christmas rolls around, people of often hard pressed to be able to get a reservation.

Picture waking up in the morning, getting some grub, then hoping into a heated snow bomber which brings you to your fish house which is already heated. Then proceed to catch fish all day long. It doesn’t get any better than that.

For anglers, the diversity of fish is unbelievable along with areas of the lake. The main basin or Big Traverse Bay is home to hundreds of thousands of walleyes and saugers who roam the entire bay. Then the Northwest Angle where our 14,552 islands begin and many other species of fish. With so many options where do you start.

Another place to search out is our Hot Deals Page on the Lake of the Woods website. Here you can check current or future promotions for our resorts and lodges. We update the hot deals page often and will post new deals as they show up. There are deals for everyone. Deals for lodging only or for a fishing and lodging package, will be featured for you to explore.

It’s time!! Winter is beautiful and Exciting especially when you come to Lake of the Woods ice fishing.

Check out our website at: www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com/lodging or click on the ice fishing tab for all your ice fishing information.


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