Ten Reasons to Ice Fish LOW Through March

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 Mar 12th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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Ten Reasons to Ice Fish LOW Through March

March in MN is the end of ice fishing for much of the state, especially when it comes to walleyes and pike. The season closes at the end of February and fish houses have to be off the ice early in March. The rules are different for Lake of the Woods as it is border water with Canada and benefits from extended seasons. Fish houses can remain overnight on the ice through March 31 and the walleye season remains open through April 14. That means March walleyes!

This extra month of March to enjoy ice fishing can provide some of the best ice fishing of the year. The days are longer, sun is stronger and the fish have the feedbag on for the upcoming spawn. It is fun to see flocks of geese making their way back up north to their nesting areas and seagulls starting to return and land on the ice around fish houses.

Having a few extra weeks of good ice fishing on the front end of the season and an extra month on the back end is one reason Lake of the Woods is a premier ice fishing destination. This special body of water provides some of the best ice fishing of the year for many guests including WALLEYE THROUGH THE ICE HOLEMarch walleyes.

Check out ten reasons Lake of the Woods is such a good ice fishing destination…

1. Long ice fishing season. Resort ice fishing houses typically get on the ice in early December and remain out through the month of March.

2. Fish houses are allowed to be left overnight on the ice through March 31st on LOW as it is border water with Canada.

3. The walleye / sauger season is open through April 14th.

4. There are literally millions of walleyes and saugers

5. The water in LOW is stained, meaning the walleyes bite during the day

6. There are strong numbers of trophy walleyes in LOW

7. Pike season never ends

8. LOW is home to a big number of trophy pike over 40″ long

9. The resort community creates an infrastructure for ice fishing that allows for everyone to fish in comfort

10. In addition to walleyes and saugers, anglers will catch pike, jumbo perch, tulibees, eelpout, crappies and sturgeon through the ice

As a way to highlight March walleyes through the ice, Greg Jones of Midwest Outdoors TV and myself (Joe Henry) of Lake of the Woods Tourism recently had the chance to get out and do some fishing from one of the many resorts offering fish houses. The chance to catch nice walleyes and saugers from the comfort of a 70 degree fish house that is placed in good fishing areas, the holes are drilled and cleaned and all we had to do is step inside and fish.

The fishing was good like it normally is. We picked away at the walleyes and saugers throughout the day. It was a fun day with steady action and a variety fish caught, even a crayfish! That’s right, I actually caught a crayfish while Greg Jones at the same moment hooked into a nice sauger. Coincidence, I say not.

Ice fishing takes place on Lake of the Woods based on Mother Nature, but the month of March is that bonus month that is just special. Longer days, hungry fish and the last chance to hit the ice until next December! To explore resorts, hotels, sleeper fish houses and full service ice fishing around the lake, check out our lodging page at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging.


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