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 Feb 5th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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Bubba Scud

Small & Mighty

Strike the arousal of the biggest fish and tightest lips with the new 1.25″ “Bubba Scud” micro soft plastic from Do-It. The Bubba Scud is a machined mold capable of producing up to 8 soft plastic baits at a time in your favorite fish catching colors. The Bubba Scud’s supple invertebrate – like appendages trigger the instinctive feeding mechanisms that turn sniffers into biters. And its strengths aren’t just limited to an 8” hole and 33 degree water on a tungsten jig, as it shows strong promise to be a year round staple for a variety of species and fish catching applications. If you love catching big crappies and bluegills the Bubba Scud is sure to be your new best friend on the water.

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Do-it Gaiter Mask

The Do-It Neck Gaiter Mask is the perfect way to stay cool and protected from UV rays while on the water.
Made of super soft 4-way Ultra Stretch UPF rated fabric.
Lightweight material breathes and keeps your skin cool on hot days.
One size fits all.
Works great to combat wind burn.
Can be worn on both warm and cold days.
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Things you may have missed

ES Midwest Finesse

A true fan favorite, the Midwest Finesse Rig (aka Ned Rig), is now available in a cast Essential Series model for those of you looking for an economical way to make quality soft plastics.

Those of you who have fished the Ned Rig already understand the fish catching command these baits have. They stand up straight when on bottom and fish simply cannot resist them. Now with the Essential Series Midwest Finesse Rig, you can make your own in that favorite color you’ve been buying or in a custom color that fish have never seen before.

The Midwest Finesse Rig plastics are a perfect match for our Midwest Finesse Jig heads. The Midwest Finesse Rig is essentially one of the most fish catching baits of our modern time. Click here to order.

Manic Mullet Jig
Our latest edition to our saltwater mold lineup featuring 60 degree hooks, a triple disc collar for holding soft plastics and oversized eye sockets and slim profile that rolls producing flash and vibration the Manic Mullet is sure to turn some heads. In addition to being a great saltwater jig the Manic Mullet makes for a killer swimbait head for a variety of freshwater species. Click here to order.

ES Crappie Fluke
A segmented grub body that tapers to a split tail is a combo that no crappie black or white can resist. This 8 cavity mold assures your tackle supply will be stacked at all times. Dual injecting perfect two tone variations is a breeze and it’s not just crappie that have an affinity for it as it makes a great dropshot bait for a variety of other species including perch largemouth and smallmouth. Click here to order.

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