Huk Launches Icon X Superior Jacket & Bib with Float Technology

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 Oct 20th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Oct 20th, 2021 at 12:49 PM

Charleston, SC (October 20, 2021) – Huk is proud to introduce the new Icon X Superior Jacket and Bib with the groundbreaking new Float Technology. This advancement offers fishermen the ultimate in high-performance safety outerwear.

Accidents happen, but Huk has your back if you ever end up in the drink. The Icon X Superior Jacket and Bib feature Float Technology with inserts that add buoyancy should things unexpectedly take a turn for the worse. These inserts are located on the chest and back of the jacket and the seat and legs of the bibs. The inserts are easily removable yet comfortable and are barely noticed when worn.

The Icon X Superior Jacket is loaded with angler-friendly features. With a durable, 100% polyester construction, the jacket is 100% windproof and 100% waterproof to protect anglers from the harshest elements. Nothing cuts a day short like getting wet and cold. Huk’s outerwear implements a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish that repels water, keeping one dry and agile. The jacket features abrasion-resistant wear areas that ensure a long lifespan and will withstand years of abuse.

A two-piece hood and features internal cuff gussets on the sleeves provide further protection from wind and rain. At the same time, the breathable design ensures that moisture from the external world stays out while unwanted body heat is allowed to escape. Likewise, body-mapped insulation helps keep anglers warm when Mother Nature is at her worst. The jacket sports fleece-lined hand warmer pockets to keep fingers nice and toasty when the temperature drops. Ten total pockets are strategically placed to ensure that all gear has a proper home, and magnetic pocket flaps keep items secure until needed. The jacket is also available in Huk’s legendary Bluefin Refraction Camo.

The Icon X Superior Bib features the same windproof and waterproof construction as the jacket and completes this foul weather ensemble. Float Technology inserts are located at the seat and knee regions to provide exceptional safety and peace of mind. Ever-Adjust suspenders allow for total mobility with superior comfort, while fleece-lined hand warmer pockets offer hands a safe refuge from the biting cold. A waterproof relief zipper and chest zip provide an excellent barrier to external moisture, while leg zips make for easy on/off in ever-changing weather conditions.

Icon X Superior Jacket Features:

100% Polyester
100% Waterproof
100% Windproof
20K Waterproof/20K Breathable
Float Technology
Body-mapped insulation
2-Piece hood
Internal cuff gusset
Storm Flap
Fleece-lined hand warmer pocket
Abrasion-resistant wear areas
10 total pockets
Magnetic pocket flaps
Colors: Huk Blue
Refraction Colors: Bluefin
Icon X MSRP: $300 (3XL + $10)
Icon X Refraction MSRP: $310 (3XL + $10)

Icon X Superior Bib Features:

100% Polyester
100% Waterproof
100% Windproof
20K Waterproof/20K Breathable
Float Technology
Ever-Adjust suspenders
Adjustable waist
Fleece-lined hand warmer pockets
Abrasion-resistant wear panels
Waterproof chest zip
Waterproof relief zipper
Leg zips
Colors: Huk Blue
MSRP: $290 (3XL + $10)


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