Perch Patrol Fishing Report

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 Mar 17th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Sunday, March 16

Sorry for the delayed report, things have been crazy busy around here. Perch fishing for guests of the Perch Patrol continue to be “off the charts”. Every day we seem to find more and more pe … rch. Some days they are big schools, some days they are small tight schools, and some days they are fast moving schools that are hard keep up with. It sure is fun when there are so many perch on your screen and they are literally coming out of the six foot auto zoom on the Vexilars. These are good times!

The ice conditions continue to be very good. We did have about 3 days over the 40 degree mark and that did melt most of our snow that we had. We did have a couple of days with quite a bit of water on the ice but the cold front that hit us over the weekend re-froze most of it by now. It is very slippery out there and we would like to tell all of our guests that are coming these last two weeks of March, please bring cleats.

Our ice is still 40 plus inches thick and we are still driving our trucks. Looking at the 10 day forecast, we should be able to keep driving as long as the accesses stay in good shape.

Our schedule for March has been sold out for quite a while now and we have been asked if we are going to continue guiding in April. We so far have not scheduled anything in April and if we decide to do so I will definitely be posting it on our report page and our Facebook page.

We want to see what the forecast is and the ice conditions are in about a week to ten days from now before we schedule anything in April. We also need to judge how much gas our guides have left in the tank as well. This crew has been running hard since December 15th without many days off. We will keep you posted when we make our decision.

Have a great week everybody!

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