Free Ice Fishing Handbook Frabill Ice Fishing Guide Gives Expert Instruction While Showcasing Top New Products

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 Dec 2nd, 2013 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Plano, IL (November 27, 2013) – What does it mean to be the category leader? Simply stated, it’s being the most trusted brand across the board, from price-range to price-range, buyer budget to budget. In ice fishing, it says a single brand is the uncontested choice at any given price. Say you earmarked $30 for a rod and reel combo, $20 for a tip-up, $300 for an ice fishing suit and $400 for a portable shelter. Selecting which brand to trust is easy as ice.

Frabill, Frabill, Frabill and Frabill.    

For 2013-14, the ice fishing ‘category leader’ accentuates its leadership in Frabill’s Pro Staff Gear Guide. Trusted like a shopper’s checklist, the almanac highlights key new Frabill ice fishing products. At the same time, the Pro Staff Gear Guide shares technical and tactical insights from the sport’s top names, like Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, Scott Glorvigen, Brett Alexander, Joe Balog, Pat Kalmerton, Eric Haataja and Canadian ace Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson.

Undaunted by Klondike climate conditions, Gussy flies his flag-of-knowledge high in the Pro Staff Gear Guide: “This past season I incorporated the Frabill Snow Shoe Tip-Up into my ice arsenal-aptly named for its ability to ride high in the snow without sinking in, a big deal on Ontario’s large, wind-swept waters and backcountry lakes where snow piles high for months. Now I never miss a flag. The Snow Shoe also handles big line and bait with ease and really takes a beating on fish house floors and pickup beds. These Snow Shoes are going to be flagging fish for years to come…” Read more online.  

Frabill pro and dependable guide Eric Haataja speaks his piece on ice safety: “In my business, safety comes first. When guiding, I always start the day with a quick course on reading ice conditions, as well as what to do in case you do fall through-so the worst thing that happens is you end the day wet and a little cold.” Read more online.

Expert advice on portable shelters, ice fishing outerwear, rods and reels and live bait management fill the balance of Frabill’s Pro Staff Gear Guide. Seek out a free copy at a sporting goods retailer near you, or simply go online and soak up the slush of ice fishing intelligence.


A tradition of excellence. Owning a Plano┬« tackle box has become a heritage that has endured for more than half a century. In 1952, Plano introduced the first molded plastic tackle box. For the next fifty years, the Plano brand found its way into the hearts and hands of four generations. Today, there’s a 4 in 5 chance that if you own a tackle box, it was made by Plano. There are many reasons why consumers choose Plano, including quality, durability and innovation, but our favorite is “It’s what my dad always used.”


Frabill, Inc. is in its 75th year of engineering premium, trusted fishing equipment. Frabill’s ice fishing product lineup consists of portable ice fishing shelters, rod and reel combos, tip-ups, bait containers, portable aeration, and premium ice fishing apparel, including FXE Snosuit. Openwater products include landing nets, portable aeration, bait containers, bait care, bait traps and seines, accessories, and premium openwater apparel, such as FXE Stormsuit. Visit www.frabill.com.

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