Northland Fishing Tackle® Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon

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 Oct 6th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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New for ICE FISHING 2021:

Northland Fishing Tackle® Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon™

Unique shape, blasting rattle and flicker tail are sure to trigger big bites

BEMIDJI, Minn. (September 30, 2021) – All-too-often lures are described as “deadly”. Death to the fish, because so many are caught in the clutches of these baits. But how about a lure that’s both deadly and, well, dead? Like in the shape of a coffin? That’s precisely what the lure designers at Northland have embalmed.

Northland is proud to introduce a radical new design in ice fishing spoons. Shaped like an actual casket, the Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon™ is anything but dead in the water. It’s flat-sided profile produces a tantalizing tumbling and gliding action throughout the water column. The specially angled, flat sides not only generate its unique action, but also dazzlingly reflect light, drawing fish in from afar. Bolstering its robust action and flash, an internal brass rattle yields audible cues, appealing to the lateral line senses of various fish species. And the cherry on top is the Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon’s clever flicker tail, which mimics a baitfish’s tail on every pump.

Gold Shiner and Purple Wonder and UV Electric Perch (top to bottom)

Northland pro-staffer Brian “Bro” Brosdahl comments: “The new Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon is a fantastic design, built to drop down in the water column fast while tumbling in a distinctive fashion. It’s a real walleye killer, and effective on jumbo perch, too. I had the chance to field test the spoon and was really impressed by how it calls fish in.

“Because the shape of the Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon has so many different angles, it reflects and refracts light and colors in every direction. It’s a good search lure. So, if you’re hole-hopping, this is the spoon to fish. It’s a great bait for shallow and deep water. Add in the loud brass rattle and you’ve really got something. Drop it down, one quick hop, and then shake it in place to stir up the fish.”

UV Pink Tiger, Super-Glo Chub and Sneeze (top to bottom)

Bro adds: “The Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon is just a great idea and design, and what’s going to amount to another deadly weapon in the arsenal.”

In preliminary testing across the Ice Belt, the Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon has already proven effective on walleyes and jumbo perch. From shallow water flats to deep basins and humps, it’s radical design draws fish in like no other. For anglers searching for a new bait to draw fish in, there’s no better choice—the Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon just gets the job done.

The new Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon is available in 4 sizes (1/8 oz., 3/16 oz., 1/4 oz., and 3/8 oz.) and 12 distinct fish-catching colors, including glow, UV, and metallic patterns, as well new in-demand patterns being released in 2021. Each pack contains one (1) Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon™ per card. MSRP is $6.99.

Bubblegum Tiger, Wonderbread and Super-Glo Redfish (top to bottom)

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