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 Oct 25th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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             Preparations Taking Place at The “Ice Fishing” Capital of the World
                                                   by Joe Henry

There are still charter boats in the water pulling in limits of walleyes, just not as many as a month ago.  It is that time of year again called transition.  Resorts are busy pulling charter boats and getting them properly winterized for a rest until April or May when they will begin to chase walleyes, pike and sturgeon.  At the same time, preparations are being made for the upcoming ice fishing season which will begin around the first or second week of December depending upon the weather.

Firing up ice transportation.  Light ice rigs.  Light ice trailers with heaters, suspension and LED lights.  Bombardiers.  Track rigs.  Repairing and building fish houses.  Adding skids to sleeper houses.  Inventory of ice augers, ice scoopers, rental Vexilars, ice fishing poles, 5 gallon pails.  The list is never ending and December is fast approaching.

Ice fishing at Lake of the Woods has become very popular.  Enough so that many call The Walleye Capital of the World the “Ice Fishing Capital of the World”.  With over 50 lodging facilities open during the winter months, and a majority of those offering fish houses rentals and a myriad of services around ice fishing, something is working well.

One piece of the pie is the infrastructure around ice fishing.  The old picture of someone fishing in the open ice freezing doesn’t fit these parts.  From heated resort to heated ice transportation to heated fish house with the thermostat at 70 degrees and the holes drilled is the norm.  Team that up with millions of walleyes and saugers and the stage is set for some good winter fun.

Bombardier, Lake of the Woods copy (2)Bombardier with trailer_Ice_BallardsIce Fishing, fish house, Jake NeuLake of the Woods Fish House

With resorts and ice guides taking the work and cold out of it, ice fishing has become social.  It’s more than just the fishing, although that helps, people enjoy getting out on the ice in a cozy insulated fish house and spend time together.  Couples, families, business associates and simply groups of friends can really connect while spending an enjoyable day on the ice.  This video really gives you a great idea of the variety of visitors who enjoy winter fishing.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtdLLnYES4c&list=UUfxrqu2se0Q1yWjbec2Pkrw

Of course some anglers choose to bring their own equipment.  There are many plowed and well marked ice roads maintained by local resorts.  Some will bring their own permanent houses or perhaps drive out and use their collapsible house.  Others choose to snowmobile to the walleyes via the dozens of miles of groomed and staked snowmobile trails that go across the lake.

Whatever you flavor or level of expertise, there is some great ice fishing to be had and preparations are being made to make sure your experience is a good one.


For more information on ice fishing The Walleye Capital of the World, go to www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com or give Lake of the Woods Tourism a call at 1-800-382-FISH (3474).

-Joe Henry

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