Eskimo® Creates a New Category of Ice Fishing Shelters

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 Nov 17th, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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CUMBERLAND, WI, September 9, 2015 – Eskimo Ice Fishing Gear announced today their all-new EVO Crossover shelter. By combining the speed and portability of a flip shelter with the space and comfort of a pop-up, it is the first of a new style of ice fishing shelters.

“Flip shelters are great for quickly setting up, taking down and moving around to different spots,” said Tony Aloia, National Sales Manager for Eskimo. “Unfortunately, the area inside flips is very small and limited to the width of the sled. The EVO changes that.”

For the 2015-2016 ice fishing season, Eskimo has introduced the EVO1 with spacious room for one person and the EVO2 with more than enough room for two. The EVO is similar to a conventional flip shelter, but instead of using heavy, telescoping metal poles, Eskimo incorporated lightweight, tensioned fiberglass poles similar to those found in Eskimo’s best-selling pop-up shelters. This increases both interior space and fishable area drastically while keeping the shelters lightweight.

Below, typical flip shelters are compared to the new EVOs. As shown, the EVO1 and EVO2 offer much more fishable area and over twice the interior room for less weight:

With the larger interior dimensions and a raised roof, ice anglers will have enough room for all of their gear and still be able to move around and land a big fish. Even with their large sizes, setup and takedown of the shelters takes less than 45 seconds thanks to the elegant design and all-metal ball-and-socket Power Hubs™. The EVOs also feature integrated swivel Versa Seats and the entire structure collapses down into the attached sled for quick and easy transportation.

Aloia said, “Our team spends a lot of time out on the ice, and we’ve experienced the benefits of both flip and pop-up shelters. We’re proud to be the first to provide a product that offers all of the benefits of a flip with twice the room. The EVO revolutionizes ice fishing and will make conventional flip shelters obsolete.”

For more information on EVO Crossover Shelters, visit www.GetEskimo.com.

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